I believe human insights are the driver of purposeful products.

With the people in mind, I create purposeful design that connects businesses to the right audiences.

Work Philosophy

The motivational and inspriational elements of how I work.


Purpose Driven

Define the project vision, prioritize problems, design to fulfill that vision and suggest a purposeful solution.


Solution Oriented

Design is about solving problems. And deciding how to solve a problem is the first design problem to be solved.


Active Listening

All disciplines matter. It is important to not just be a story-teller, but also an active story-listener.

Growing up in China and living in Canada in the last decade, I’ve always been surrounded by intercultural dialogue and dynamic ideologies, which heavily influenced my design perspective and decision-making.

To me, great design starts with a clear vision, provides practical value, and triggers human emotions. During the design process, what I enjoy most is ideating and framing the right questions.

P.S. Adobe says my creative type is the Innovator.

Design is my ‘most days’.
I also enjoy…

Wandering around

Chatting with humans

Consuming endless hours of literature

Deep talks, poems, and sunny days